November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month and we want to highlight these awesome pets! Senior pets tend to be overlooked at shelters, but they can be the perfect addition to your family. Our team here at Latah Creek Animal Hospital has put together five reasons to adopt a senior pet!


#1: Senior pets are often housetrained

The worst part of bringing home a puppy is tackling housetraining. Pee puddles and poop piles pop up in corners, your favorite shoes, or the center of your rug. A senior pet is likely already housetrained and won’t leave “presents” all over your home.


#2: You know what you’re getting with a senior pet

When you adopt a senior pet, you won’t be startled at how big they get or how their personality changes as they mature. What you see is what you get, with no surprises.


#3: Adopting a senior pet saves a life

Senior pets are often overlooked in shelters, and may spend their final days without a family, but, nothing is more heartwarming than an older pet’s soulful gaze. Knowing you saved their life and gave them an excellent home for their golden years will be rewarded by your older furry companion’s warmth and devotion. 


#4: Senior pets require less exercise and playtime

Young pets, especially puppies, are exhausting. They demand constant supervision and attention, when all you want is a snuggle buddy during your weekend Netflix binge. And, don’t forget that young pets need extensive exercise and playtime to ward off problem behaviors induced by boredom.


#5: Senior pets let you have a good night’s sleep

Kittens are prone to midnight zoomies, and puppies may not take well to crate-training at night, leaving you lucky to grab much shuteye. Senior pets don’t need multiple nighttime potty breaks, and are more than happy to cuddle up under the covers and get a full eight hours of rest. 


Have you recently welcomed a senior pet into your family? Contact us to schedule a wellness visit for your new faithful companion.