Get To Know Your Pet’s New Care Team

They’re not just ‘employees’ – they’re valued minds, educators, and your pet’s caretakers.

Meet them now

The Latah Creek Team

Our team members all have one common mission – to treat you, your pet, and each other with integrity and respect. Everyone is individually Fear Free certified, which means you’ll see a consistent level of kindness, empathy, and understanding when you walk through our doors. 

Plus, everyone on our team is pretty dang cool. So get to know them! They’re your pet’s care team, after all. 

Feel free to come by and meet any member of the team; we would love to sit down and talk for a few minutes so you can get to know us!


Leadership Team Member

Cat Friendly Vet

Megan Bauer, DVM (she/her)

Medical Director/Co-Owner

Dr. Megan is our medical director, veterinarian, and co-owner.

Let’s get to know a little about her:

  • She graduated in 2015 from WSU vet school, Go Cougs!!
  • She purchased the clinic from Dr. Bauer in 2017 and gained a partner in 2021.
  • She was the first Fear Free certified veterinarian in Spokane, and is Fear Free Certified Elite.
  • She is passionate about behavior and cats, but loves her canine patients!!
  • She has a loving, empathetic personality with a big heart.
  • She has 2 dogs, Remy Pierre and Oliver Elivis, as well as 3 cats, Trixie, Chandler, and Jinkx.
  • In her spare time, she enjoys camping, 4 wheeling, and agility with her dogs.
Jessica, CVPM

Leadership Team Member


Jessica, CVPM (she/her)

Hospital Manager/Co-Owner

Jessica is the hospital manager, fierce leader, and co-owner.

Let’s get to know a little about her:

  • She has been in the field since 2003, started her hospital manager journey in 2010.
  • She received her CVPM (Certified Veterinary Practice Manager) in 2016. Did you know she was the first in Spokane to recevie her CVPM?
  • She certified the first clinic in eastern WA for Fear Free certified practice, and also helped Latah Creek acheive Fear Free certified practice status in 2021.
  • Though not directly interacting with client and patients, always makes time to come say hi!
  • She is a very understanding and thoughtful leader, and is committed to creating a culture of positivity and accountability.
  • Her family has 2 dogs, Liberty and Dash, and 2 cats, Rocco Wilson and Gustov
  • She can be found riding dirt bikes on the weekends with her kids and husband!
Dr. Tara Powers
Fear Free Veterinarian

Tara Powers, DVM (she/her)


Dr. Tara is on our doctor team.

Let’s get to know a little about her:

  • She graduated from St. George’s University in Grenada, West Indies in 2022
  • She is fear free certified and wants her patients to have a positive experience and be happy to see her.
  • She has a quiet calm about her that helps her clients and patients feel calm.
  • She comes from a family of ‘rocket scientists’, her grandpa was the first physicist to examine moon rocks from Apollo 11.
  • She married her high school sweetheart, super cool, right?
  • Together they have 2 dogs, Static and Ludwig, and a sphynx who rules the house.
  • In her spare time, her husband and her enjoy video games, reading, and restoring old photos.

Leadership Team Member

Fear Free Veterinarian

Elizabeth, LVT (she/her)

Lead Veterinary Technician

Elizabeth is on our licensed veterinary (LVT) nurse team and our lead veterinary (LVT) nurse, pet selection counselor, and puppy consultant.

Let’s get to know a little about her:

  • She received her LVT in 2018 in Wyoming.
  • Her favorite part of her job is education, whether current or potential clients, to improve the lives of Spokane’s pets.
  • She is Fear Free certified; it is important to her that pets have a positive experience and puppies start off on the right foot.
  • She is big-hearted and always looking for ways to improve our puppies experience so that thye grow into well-balanced puppies.
  • She is married and has a son; they have 1 dog, Tank, 3 cats, horses, and chickens.
  • In her spare time, she enjoys working on the family ranch, camping, horseback riding, and snowboarding.
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Courtney, LVT (she/her)

Veterinary Technician

Courtney is on our licensed veterinary (LVT) nurse team.

Let’s get to know a little about her:

  • She has a bachelor’s in marine biology
  • She received her LVT in 2016 in Pennsylvania
  • She enjoys being able to witness the bond between a pet and their owner, and that the owner trusts to care for their pet.
  • She likes to be known as the treat lady and that the pets like to see her.
  • She has a boyfriend, Dan, and they have a dog, Winston, and a cat, Wally.
  • She is working on teaching Wally cooperative care.

Leadership Team Member

Fear Free Veterinarian
Fear Free Veterinarian
Fear Free Veterinarian

Aliesa (she/her)

Lead Veterinary Assistant
Veterinary Technician Student

Aliesa is on our veterinary assistant team as well as our lead veterinary assistant, an LVT student, and nutritional consultant.

Let’s get to know a little about her:

  • She has a biology degree from Idaho State University.
  • She is working hard toward becoming a licensed veterinary (LVT) nurse.
  • She is Fear Free certified and likes the gentle, compassionate approach that Fear Free allows her to take with all the pets that come to our clinic.
  • She is very kind and considerate and is always here to help her teammates.
  • She is married to Paul, and they have 3 dogs, Louie, Xander, and Winston, and Paul has a cat.
  • They enjoy the outdoors – hiking, biking, swimming, running and camping. Sounds like some triathalon vibes! 
Fear Free Veterinarian

Emily, LVT (she/her)

Veterinary Technician

Emily is on our licensed veterinary (LVT) nurse team.

Let’s get to know a little about her:

  • She has a bachelor’s in wildlife conservation from BYU.
  • She received her LVT in 2023.
  • She loves the veterinary field and being able to build relationships with clients and their pets and helping them live their best and healthiest lives.
  • She is Fear Free certified and likes providing a positive experience for pets and helping them be willing participants in their own care.
  • She is empathetic and has a great eye for detail with her patients.
  • She is married to Branden, and they have a cat, Winky!
  • She enjoys hiking, camping, reading, and doing puzzles.
Fear Free Veterinarian

Molly (She/her)

Pharmacy Tech
Molly joined the team at Latah Creek in September of 2022. She has been passionate about veterinary medicine since she was a kid. She attended Iowa State University with an undergraduate in Animal Science with a pre-vet emphasis. When vet school didn’t work out she became a licensed veterinary technician through Front Range Community College in Colorado graduating in 2008.

Molly worked as a nurse since then spending most of her career working in feline only practices. Seeking a career change, she is excited to focus her skills as a client care representative.

Molly loves meeting clients and their pets and was excited to learn about Fear Free and become Fear Free certified because such an emphasis was made on creating a positive experience for the animals at the vet clinic which can be such a scary environment for them.

Molly lives with her sassy cat Pikaki who definitely owns the house and spends most of her free time with her beautiful chestnut Thoroughbred horse named Remmy.

Fear Free Veterinarian

Bradyn (she/her)

Veterinary Assistant

Bradyn is on our veterinary assistant team and has started her behavior journey.

Let’s get to know a little about her:

  • She is a graduate from Carrington Veterinary Assisting Program
  • She is very passionate about the veterinary field and building relationships with patients and their owners.
  • She is Fear Free certified and has a passion for working with high stress patients.
  • She has begun her journey to becoming a behaviorist.
  • She is very motivational and always has a smile on her face.
  • She is married to Tyler and they have 2 dogs, Sampson and Rajah.
  • They enjoy hiking, fishing, snowboarding, and camping. They even go snow camping!

Member of APDT, PPG, LIMA Trainer, AKC Evaluator, Puppy Start Right Instructor(she/her)

Veterinary Assistant

Kayla is on our veterinary assistant team as well as our trainer and behaviorist.

Let’s get to know a little about her: 

  • She graduated from Animal Behavior College for Veterinary Assisting to start her veterinary career.
  • Her true passion is in training and behavior. See all the initials after her name? Those are certifications but rest assured she has the knowledge and experience to back them up.
  • Her schooling includes CATCH Canine Trainers Academy, Absolute Dogs taught by Vet Behaviorist Dr. Tom Mitchell, Master Aggression Course, and Karen Pryor.
  • Her specialty is aggression.
  • She prides herself in educating clients so that they can live their best life with their pets. Of course, puppy and kitten snuggles don’t hurt!
  • She is also Fear Free certified elite and loves to make the vet experience less scary for the animals and less stressful for the owners.
  • She very much cares for her clients and creates a positive experience.
  • She has 3 german shepherds, Mar-Vell, Noh-Varr, and Wanda, and 2 cats, Danvers and Andromeda.
  • She is always out hiking, camping, or backpacking. In fact, she will be climbing Mt Rainier summer of 2024. Wow!
Fear Free Veterinarian

Jess (she/her)

Veterinary Assistant

Jess is on our veterinary assistant team.

Let’s get to know a little about her:

  • She has a passion for horticulture, but finds herself really loving the vet field. But she still cares for plants and flowers!
  • Her favorite part about the field is that she can provide medical help to our patients.
  • She is Fear Free certified and likes the confidence it gives her with our patients.
  • She is extremely detailed and makes sure our patients are well cared for.
  • She is married and has a cat, Samira.
  • She enjoys gardening, reading, knitting, and outdoor activities.
Fear Free Veterinarian
Cat Friendly Vet Professional

Val (they/them)

Veterinary Assistant
Val is on our veterinary assistant team as well a cat advocate.

Let’s get to know a little about them:

  • They have a degree in biology and psychology from University of Alabama.
  • They are drawn to the field and decided this is the career path they wanted.
  • Their favorite part about working in the field is interacting with animals and observing their bejhaviors and emotions.
  • They are Fear Free certified and love having the ability to give patients the best form of treatment in a low-stress environment.
  • They are extremely compassionate and empathetic to our patients, clients, and team.
  • They are married to their partner Danny, they have a ball python, Phineas, a dog, Huckleberry, and a cat Mack.
    In their spare time they enjoy walking the animals, water activities, reading, and playing board and video games.
Fear Free Veterinarian

Jolene (She/Her)

Veterinary Assistant

Jolene is on our veterinary assistant team.

Let’s get to know a little about her:

  • She initially studied Agriculture and Natural Horsemanshop but realized she wanted to join the veterinary field.
  • She enjoys building relationships with clients and their pets, celebrating their wins, and offering support when needed.
  • She is a great team member, always willing to help her coworkers.
  • She is Fear Free certified and is excited about being able to help reshape behaviors and create a positive environment for pets.
  • She has 2 horses, Twister and Ruger, a dog, Boone, and a cat, Tuxedo.
  • Her favorite thing to do is backpack in the country with her horse.
Coming soon
Fear Free Veterinarian

Emma (She/Her)

Veterinary Assistant

Emma is on our veterinary assistant team.

Let’s get to know a little about her:

  • Emma graduated from Carrington Veterinary Assisting program and joined us for her extern in 2023.
  • She later joined our veterinary assisting team.
  • She is most excited about not only seeing all the patients but learning how to provide a low-stress environment for our patients.
  • She is Fear Free certified and loves the things she can do to make a positive environment for our patients, like calming music and the use of pheromones.
  • She is very caring to the patients she cares for.
  • She lives with her partner Austin, and they have 2 cats, Peanut and Zelda.
  • In her spare time, she likes to play video games and making candles.
Fear Free Veterinarian

Erika (She/her)

Client Care Representative

Erika is on our client care representative team.

Let’s get to know a little about her:

  • She has several years experience in the field and loves making a difference in patients’ and clients lives.
  • She believes that seeing happy and healing pets is the best reward.
  • She is Fear Free certified and loves being able to provide a better vet clinic experience and the difference that makes to the client and patient.
  • She has a dog, Teagan, and a cat, Adara.
  • She enjoys the outdoors and taking advantage of the beautiful PNW. Hiking, kayaking, and boating are among her favorites.
  • She loves the Seahawks!!
Fear Free Veterinarian

Ashley (she/her)

Client Care Representative/Veterinary Assistant

Ashley splits her time on our client care representative and veterinary assistant teams.

Let’s get to know a little about her:

  • She joined the vet field in 2013 in the position of client care representative.
  • She knew she wanted to do more in the field so she transitioned to vet assisant 2 days a week. Don’t worry, you will still see her smiling face at the front desk 2 days a week as well.
  • She is kind hearted and enjoys building relationships with the clients and their pet’s.
  • She loves learning how best to care for our patients.
  • She is Fear Free certified and loves providing a positive experience for all animals.
  • She is happy to share her workdays with a team that has the same goals for our patients as she does.
  • She shares her life with Kevin, her 2 kids, Taylor and Chloe, as well as her dog Bowser.
  • In her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors, gardening, and watching her kids in their sports.


Resident Cat

Flopsy joined the Latah Creek team in 2010, and is the longest term team member here. She attended St. Meowy’s University and majored in feline behavior. She really enjoys being at the clinic and being able to greet all of the clients and patients. She is very social and sometimes invades personal space. She also enjoy that the humans here give her medications to help make her feel better and they put her bandanna on every day so she looks cute.

Flopsy loves our fear free clinic. She likes that the waiting room doesn’t get very crowded because she likes to be able to sun bath at her leisure and sleep on the counter in peace. Her family is all of the team here at Latah Creek. In her free time she likes to sleep in her special bed, sun bath, eat (she really likes her food, sometimes we put her on diet because she likes it too much), playing for short periods of time before she gets tired and getting as much attention as she can from the team.