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Fostering a low stress environment for you, your pet,
and our team – so everyone thrives.

Giving Off Those Comforting Local, Family Owned Hospital Vibes

Because your pet should feel the ease & peace of ‘home’, even at the vet.

We built Latah Creek Animal Hospital with a mission to help you – the Spokane pet parent on a mission to find a low-stress, trustworthy veterinary experience for your pet.

Veterinary Hospital in Spokane

An Experience as Personal as Your Bond

At Latah Creek Animal Hospital, we care for our team – so they can best take care of your pet. We deliver a careful, kind, and quality experience as personal as your bond with your pet – so you never have to fear stressing your pet out at the vet again!

How We Operate!!

Cat Services

​Taking your cat the the vet is no easy feat – we 100% understand and aim to make it as easy and comfortable as possible. We are a certified Cat Friendly practice. What does you cat need to feel comfortable? Call us and let’s talk about it.

Cat Friendly Veterinarian Spokane

Dog Services

Dogs usually love taking a car ride – until they get to the vet. We want to change that and make their visit as low stress as possible from the minute they walk in the door. Want to learn more? Call us and we can talk about it!

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Exotics Services

Exotic pet services include your pet rabbit, ferret, guinea pig and many more. Exotic pets have special husbandry and diet requirements which means annual exams are just as important for them.

Reptile Services

We would love to see your snake, turtle, lizard, frog, or gecko. Many reptile owners are surprised to learn that reptiles need annual, and sometimes bi annual exams.