Happy Visits

Our hospital is Fear Free! Learn more about happy visits below.


Happy Visits

Happy Visits will provide your pet with more frequent interactions with the team, increased time spent in the veterinary clinic, experiences that don’t involve stuff deemed ‘scary’ by so many of our beloved pets. These visits can have a positive impact on your pet, and they will come to enjoy their visits with us. Happy Visits can be used to maintain a positive emotional connection with the veterinary clinic or to attempt to reverse very mild fear of the veterinary setting. When you bring your pet for a Happy Visit, they should come at a time when they are hungry, and you are welcome to bring them a yummy treat, or we have an assortment available.

Happy Visits are not appropriate for every patient. Patients that require pre-visit prescriptions to visit the clinic, experience travel distress, are reluctant to enter the veterinary clinic, or display signs of moderate to high-stress levels should be scheduled for Victory Visits with one of our nurses or other behavioral intervention with Dr. Megan.

You do not need an appointment for a Happy Visit, as these appointments consist mostly of coming into the clinic to get treats and getting on the scale. You are welcome to take a seat for a few minutes as well. They teach your pet that they can be happy at the vet. If this is done frequently, your pet will start to be happier to come to the vet when they need vaccines or treatment.