Victory Visits

Our hospital is Fear Free! Learn more about victory visits below.


Victory Visits

Victory Visits are a tool to assist patients that are experiencing higher levels of stress, especially pets stressed, by specific activities or objects (e.g., physical examination, vaccination, blood collection, stethoscope, thermometer). Victory Visits are generally appropriate for patients with a stress level of 2 or greater. Victory Visits are also useful for clients who are highly motivated to minimize the use of manual restraint and wish to teach their pets to be active participants in their own care. During Victory Visits, the veterinary nurse uses desensitization techniques and counterconditioning to teach your pet how to anticipate veterinary procedures.

Victory Visits are a step beyond Happy Visits. Happy Visits help pets learn to anticipate a fun and treat in the veterinary hospital, while Victory Visits, which are held at a scheduled appointment time, prepare your pet for what used to previously be scary experiences more pleasant at our clinic and with our team members.

Victory Visits might include:

  • Your pet comes into an examination room.
  • Your pet moves onto a mat or the examination table.
  • Your pet’s veterinary nurse performs short assessments.

Your pet becomes familiar with equipment such as stethoscopes, otoscopes, syringes, and swabs. When possible, the nurse will use this equipment on your pet.

Victory Visits do require an appointment with one of our nurses. You may call or text us at 509-462-7387 or click the button below.