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Feline Consent for Sedation

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Please use the form below to consent for sedation. If you need immediate assistance, please call us directly during business hours at 509-462-7387. If you are a new client, please use our new client form to be registered in our system. If you have multiple pets, please fill out the following form for each individual pet.

Pre-Sedation Bloodwork

Bloodwork performed before sedation can help determine how effectively your cat's organs can eliminate the sedatives that are to be used. It also sets baseline values for comparison at a later date if necessary.  Bloodwork is especially important in older cats or those with a history of illness.  Sedatives used may be adjusted or the procedure may be postponed based on the results of these tests, thus decreasing the risk to your cat. Recommended for all cats, strongly recommended for cats 7 years and older.


proBNP is a test that measures stretch on the myocardial muscle.  It is strongly recommended as cats with even moderate to severe heart disease can appear clinically healthy, and cats with heart disease are at increased risk of anesthetic complications. Recommended for all cats, as some cats are genetically prone to cardiomyopathy at young ages. Required for certain breeds.

Fear Free

If your cat is fearful, anxious or stressed while here, despite pre-visit sedation, additional medications may be administered with an additional fee to keep your cat calm while he/she is here.


Should we be unable to reach you while your cat is under anesthesia, the doctor will proceed with the best medicine for your cat using his/her best discretion.