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Genetic Testing

Find out about your dog’s history regarding their health and breed.


What is dog genetic testing?

DNA does more than just provide parentage information but is also helpful in identifying genetic disease information in mixed breed pets. The DNA kits are available for both dogs and cats! Once we determine the lineage of your pet, your veterinarian is able to identify any genetic health issues associated with their breed.

Our Genetic Testing

We offer genetic testing for your canine in order to find out a little history regarding your dog’s health and breed:

  • Genealogy Findings – the most likely breeds in your dog, going back 3 generations
  • Breed Characteristics – an explanation of the history and traits of the breeds discovered
  • Genetic Markers – checks for 13 inherited diseases and 27 breed-specific mutations
  • Nutritional Recommendations – a projected adult weight and lifespan
  • Genetic Ancestry Certificate – a cute addition to your dog’s baby book Picture