Have you seen the sidekick leash?

This leash is one of the best tools for dogs who pull, are reactive or if they out weigh you. This is a slip leash that turns into a head halter but allows effective communication to your dog.

Unlike the Gentle Leader and Halti, that put constant pressure on the dog’s nose which does not allow for communication. The sidekick uses a pressure release system to gently and humanly communicate. The leash part comes from the back of the dogs head, which prevents any neck and spine injuries. Also preents any choking or puting pressure on the neck.

Allows you to keep control of any nervous dogs or dogs who can sweep you off your feet. Our trainer can walk 3 dogs in each hand when using the Sidekick leash.

This leash was created by one the leading dog tainers in the world, Heather Beck. You can buy this leash from her website, Heathers Hereos. We also have a small stock in clinic if are interested and would like to see it in person.

The Sidekick