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Opportunities for Kids

At Latah Creek Animal Hospital, we believe in the value of having family pets and having children take an active role in the pets’ care. After all, children with pets make up a whole new generation of animal lovers, pet owners, and veterinary providers!

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Latah Creek Animal Hospital is a family-friendly practice that is happy to have children in the exam room to observe and even behind the scenes when possible. We are happy to make your child’s visit a learning experience.

Kids’ Day at Latah Creek Animal Hospital

Saturday, March 23rd from 9 am – 11 am

Kids’ Day is a free program for children ages 8 to 12.

During the two-hour event, children are invited behind the scenes for an exclusive, hands-on experience of veterinary medicine and the inner workings of a real animal hospital.

Kids will get an opportunity to:

  • View parasites and mites under the microscope
  • View x-rays for broken bones or foreign objects
  • Learn about the importance of preventative care such as home dental care and the role the child can play
  • Assist the veterinarian with a routine physical exam on a live dog or cat
  • Learn how to properly get dressed in a gown, cap, and gloves for surgery
  • Learn how to suture a small wound

While this event is free, space is limited. For dates and reservations, please contact us.