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Please read the information below.

Pre-surgical Information

If you need immediate assistance, please call us directly during business hours at 509-462-7387.

Our surgery check-in time is between 7:30 to 8:00 am. You will be given a scheduled drop-off time when we call to confirm the surgical appointment. Please call us prior to this date if there are any additional problems or concerns that you’d like the doctor to address.

While your pet is under anesthesia, there are several additional procedures that can be done at this opportune time. Some of them are a microchip (which is a permanent identification method) and/or miscellaneous services (such as having ears cleaned, anal glands expressed, heartworm test, vaccines updated, fecal exam, etc.). Complimentary nail trims are given to all our surgical patients. Again, just let us know prior to your pet’s scheduled procedure date, or call us if you’d like a further explanation on any of these services.PRE-SURGERY CHECKLIST

  • Remove their food bowl after 9:00 pm the night before your pet’s procedure. If, by some chance, your pet eats, please call the hospital to discuss if surgery is still an option that day.
  • You can leave their water bowl down so they stay hydrated.
  • Give lots of extra hugs and kisses!

All surgery patients at Latah Creek Animal Hospital are monitored through an electronic monitoring device. We also closely watch your pet’s respiration, blood pressure, temperature, and the amount of oxygen in the blood. This reduces the risk of anesthesia to its lowest level. Our technicians will call you once your pet is in recovery. Should you decide to delay or cancel this appointment for any reason, we ask that you notify our office as soon as possible.

Thank you,

The Team at Latah Creek Animal Hospital

Pre-anesthetic blood work may be run prior to your pet’s surgical procedure. Pre-anesthetic blood work gives the doctor an inside look at your pet’s vital internal organs. We are especially concerned with the health of the liver and kidneys. We require having blood work testing performed on patients over the age of seven years to help ensure the health of your pet. We also include intravenous fluids for your pet during surgery.